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Broken Chains

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Tokyo University is a place of many people and many cultures. As is custom with such a melting pot, it has its own subcultures mingled around and within it. One such society is the group of people around the Broken Chains Studio. Based in a club, the studio is run by a man by the name of Nishimura Katsu, one who believes in freedom and music, and the powers therein, especially when used together.

The Broken Chains Studio is small and hasn’t put out many big bands, but the people and bands that Katsu puts out are known for being wild and unique. There is an amazingly wide variety of people there from all around the world, with different backgrounds and talents. These people are everywhere – working at the studio, the club, the University, or various other places in the area.

It is just as Katsu has always believed that all these wildcard people are closely intertwined, and that their actions will drastically affect other’s lives.

The setting/area most of the RP will take place in is the general area around Tokyo University. However, there will be exceptions when people travel or go out of town for one reason or another.

This means, most of the logs will be based in or around Broken Chains, simply because a lot will be going on there. Also quite a few logs will be going on at Tokyo University or on the campus, and of course, the apartment buildings Katsu manages.

-Application information-

Application can be found here~
The character list can be found here.
Friends console can be found here.

1.No OOCness, yes characters and people change but there are some things that will never change. Naruto will always be friendly, Kuwabara will always have a code of honor and Ichigo will always defend those he love etc etc.

2. Please do not disrespect the mods, if we warn you the three of us have thought through the decision throughly and would appreciate it if you didn’t give us grief and just listened to what we say ^^

3. You get three warnings before being kicked. Warnings will only be given for severe things such as:
A: Quarreling between players, take it up outside of the comm or with us and we’ll help work it out. Don’t spread anger throughout the community please.
B: Severe OOCness, like brutally obvious OOCness, and we’ve already nudged you about it.
C: Godmodding. This essentially means you are controlling another person’s character. This can mean in a fight, simple thoughts, anything.
D: Leaving the mods out of things, like deaths, pregnancies etc. We just want to know whats going on.

4. You must have a AIM name, or you can have Trillian which is the best because it saves things for you. You can download AIM from aim.com and Trillian from http://www.download.com/3000-2150-10047473.html

5. Do not be OOC. Its that simple.

6. Be realistic. We’re not going to be incredibly picky but at least try and be realistic. If you have questions, please ask a mod.

7. OOC stuff goes in the OOC comm, we don’t want things to clutter now do we?

8. Three character limit, even for mods. To make sure you can handle it you are allowed one charcter for the first two weeks and you can apply for another after that. However once you have two characters you have to wait one month from taking on your second character for your third.

9. You must create a character journal, once you do so we ask that you add everyone and the OOC community. Look forward to all three mods glomping you~

10. You must find someone to represent your character otherwise known as a PB, if you need help finding someone ask one of the mods.

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brokenchainslogThe log community, where both threads are started for group logs and whole logs are post that are done over email or IM.</center>

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