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Broken Chains

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Broken Chains


January 16th, 2007

School Information

Here is a post with all the school information. If anything is left off of this, contact a mod and we will rectify it.

Gradutation to the next grade level is the end of March.

High School InformationCollapse )

University InformationCollapse )

Current Enrolement in schoolCollapse )

November 30th, 2006

Characters who have moved from Sado

Since the characters who have transfered over from the hugely successful and much missed game of Sado Island did not need to re-apply, this thread is for them to list their history, job they have / will have in Tokyo and what has happened since moving from Sado Island including their reasons for moving.  Also some of the information found on the application will be filled out as well.  Please feel free to be as terse or verbose as you wish.

If anyone needs help with coming up with a reason for their character to transfer, please aim one of the mods and we will help think of a reason / supply incentives for the character.

Player name or nickname:
Character name :
Character age:
Occupation (student does count):
Grade or year of school if they are attending university/high school:
Where they live(apartment or otherwise):
Place of origin(country/city):
How often can you get AIM?:

Reason for Tokyo Relocation:

November 29th, 2006

Apartment Information 

General Information: Rent in Tokyo is expensive.  It is one of the most crowded cities in the world. Unless a character comes from a family with money, they will not be able to afford one of the apartments on the top two floors.  As can be seen from the rents, roomates make things much cheeper and the more you can split rent the better.  AIM me (scribblesITM) with housing questions, especialy where your character wants to stay.  If your character has a connection to Katsu you might be able to get a reduced rent.

Looking for a Roomate?
Please post an IC reply to this post and it will be on the bullitin board in the lobby. Katsu owns a 6 story apartment building.  Originally the building was being converted to high end hort term housing for people staying in Tokyo for short periods of time, such as visiting proffessors and business people; however, that renovation was slightly under half finished when the developement company converting the place went bankrupt and Katsu purched the place and patched everything together so he'd have a place for people working for his record company to stay as well as a source of income from the rest of the units.  The building has been hooked up with wireless networking and that is included in the rent.

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